a final belief

Is it that belief is the stepping stone to non-belief and then to belief again? But to what belief? What is the final belief? Is there a final belief? Is it in a neverland? Is it in the feeling of an infinity that makes silence automatic?

Does seeing that belief is only words cure belief? What is belief? Is it that belief is what keeps us occupied?



the same old same old

Are words always metaphors for the real thing and does that go for the word word too?

What’s the best that words can do? Is it to point me in the right direction? What’s the worst that words can do? Is it convincing me that I’m always right?

And what’s the best that an absence of words can do? Can their absence fulfill me? Can the absence give me an experience that can’t be put into words and where I find that words are what I am and what I’m made of?

And what’s the worst that daily meditation can do? It’s the time it takes. Isn’t releasing some built up stress and making one’s life a life of constant gratitude worth the time?

How can I step out of the same old same old? Does my fear of change cripple me spiritually? Is keeping myself from regular meditation the way I safely perpetuate myself? Is determination and courage required to be truly spiritual?

big questions

Answers to big questions like

What exactly is dark matter and dark energy? and
How many dimensions are there? and
What’s the best path to controlled fusion?

would be wonderful to know, but
aren’t answers to the classical questions
Who am I? and Why am I here? bigger still?

Does answering questions with words only point at best?


automatic but not recognized

The thoughts come and go. Each time I get caught back up time and time again in pockets of thought and then discovering the moment when I realize I’m caught up again.

Are words my hiding place or are they my resting place? Are they both?

I finally have to ask, do discrimination and creativity end with me? Is it that I use them and want to claim them but have to admit that I’m not the author of them?

When I’m a follower of my own being, my own deep awareness, do I make up a singular religion? A no-name and know-nothing-for-sure religion? If so, how long have I been a member of this religion? Is it that I don’t know for sure because membership is automatic but not recognized?